Welcome to the Raw Culture Collective’s Blog

We are a group of people, working collectively to regenerate the planet and enrich our communities.  This blog is a platform for sharing information and inspiration.  We encourage new comers to contribute their stories and projects and seek regular bloggers to join our circuit!

Our email: rawculturecollective@gmail.com


7 responses to “About

  1. Jessica Connolly

    Thalia! This all looks so awesome and seems to be exactly what you were looking for. I’m really happy for you and can’t wait to build all these things on the land we’re all gonna live on someday 🙂 You’re gonna have to show us whats up when you get back. Miss and love you! Hope you’re pee trick worked out

  2. Wow, This is awesome. It is good to find people doing the right things with their time. I started a biodynamic/organic CSA/Farm last may in Great Barrington and sheffield. Love to hear from you when you get back.

  3. wonderful posts! i wanna be in raw culture collective!

  4. Ronni Blumenthal

    Not sure how I wound up reading this but just wanted to say I look forward to keeping up with your adventures. I went to Hampshire College, down the road from UMass Amherst. Now I work with organic produce in a company based out of Florida. You are in a beautiful area doing great work! La vida organica es la manera en que sanar la tierra.

  5. Loving this blog. Thank you. It brings hope to a messy planet.

  6. Wow girls! I love what you’re doing and am excited to hear more about it! Maybe I’ll have to come visit one day! We should chat!

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