Monthly Archives: February 2012

We begin again!

Hello again!

The Raw Culture blog is starting back up with new faces in new places!

We are Maria and Thalia, currently living and working on a developing homestead just outside of San Miguel de Allende in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico.

Maria in our front yard

the greenhouse...soon to be two stories 🙂

inside the greenhouse (cob walls)

bodega > veggie beds > greenhouse

Air vents from the root cellar, located under the bodega, run beneath the veggie beds into the greenhouse to ventilate and cool it during the hot summer months.

Half of the bodega is a seed bank and the other half is our room 🙂

our humble abode

more houses on the property

The palapa roof is made out of carrizo, a plant native to the area, similar in appearance and function to bamboo, but not as strong.  Perfect for creating ecological and economical roofs.

view from the roof

the mountains behind the property

view of the presa in the front of the property

The land has many in progress projects and exciting plans for the future (more info to come!) This blog will document our progress and work here on the land as well as other projects in and around the San Miguel community.  Our intention is share inspiration and information related to sustainable and regenerative living and create a blog that is not only interesting but educational.  This week is super busy for us because we are helping to organize “Being Green Week”, a week long series of lectures, workshops, conferences and tours related to sustainability and sustainable initiatives going on in and around San Miguel.  We will post more on these events as they occur.