Los Flores Comestibles

Today we spent the day in the greenhouse harvesting edible flowers and herbs along with many different types of vegetables. We started off picking snap peas for the Via Organica store and filled up a 5 gallon bucket just from a few rows! The produce for the store is picked fresh daily and sent to the store before 9 am. Once that was completed, we made our way out into the garden where we proceeded to pick rue, dill flowers, arugula flowers, borage flowers, margarita flowers and calendula.

Jackie with all the flowers

pansies, arugula flowers (lower left), borage in the middle and dill flower to the right

We harvested these flowers for local restaurants that use them to add beauty and color to their salads, as well as unique flavor.

Pansies (Flores del Pensamiento) are fleshy and have a mild, minty flavor.

Arugula (rúcula) Flowers taste like arugula leaves but they are spicier and more pungent.

Borage (borraja) flowers are edible and taste like cucumber.  Borage is a good companion plant and said to improve the flavor of other plants.  Medicinally its leaves can be used to regulate metabolism and hormones, as an anti-inflammatory, to alleviate head colds, respiratory infections and bronchitis.

Rue flowers have a very interesting scent, very aromatic, strong, and sweet.  A bit musty, but pleasant overall.  It is native to the Mediterranean, the national flower of Lithuania and used by Italians to flavor liquor and beer.   A rue plant can live for hundreds of years and is referred to as a plant of patience and endurance.

In addition to these, we also harvested some arugula, cilantro, rainbow chard and lettuce.

our morning harvest

Rainbow chard is so beautiful!!

Once everything was bundled and sent to the store we began to plant carrot seeds in one of the greenhouse beds. We did this by turning up the soil and slightly compressing three rows in which the seeds were planted in a zig-zag pattern about and inch apart. This is done to utilize as much space as possible in the beds.

freshly seeded rows

After planting the seeds, a garden tour arrived and Luke and Thalia gave them an explanation of what was happening in the greenhouse.  The visitors seemed really excited to be learning about organic gardening and were impressed with the work Via Organica has been doing. The tour moved outside where they were shown the outdoor gardens and compost pile that consisted solely of fruits, veggies and hay.

an outdoor garden

the snail garden with more transplanted

We also recieved a large delivery of organic waste that would otherwise most likely be sent to a landfill.  We are going to begin composting it next week.  Hopefullly film a bi-ligual compost tutorial as well.

3 responses to “Los Flores Comestibles

  1. I love what you do. You have quite a setup must really keep you busy. It would be a great thrill to visit your place and get some education at the same time. The organic waste had never occured to me. Thanks.
    Beware Monsanto hates places like yours and have used strong arm tactics aganist them. I would be glad to offer any help that I could just ask.

  2. Wonderful blog. I see you’re using olla irrigation? I also use it in my front yard raised beds and am thrilled to see a farm using it.

  3. Beautiful

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