Ex Hacienda de La Pataca

without corn, there is no country

The planting of GMO crops is illegal in Mexico and faced with great opposition by the people.  Viva la Revolucion Organica!!!

Yesterday I brought the Frida corn mural to the farmers market.  A local artist that works with Via Organica drew it.  It kept getting knocked over by the wind so we eventually put it away.  After I met up with Keli and Mike, who I met at last weeks Tiangese.  They are both staying at Keli families Hacienda that is about 20 minutes outside of San Miguel.  His family bought the Hacienda with the intention of turning it into a retreat for Hari Krishna devotees, but it didn’t end up that way.  Now Kaylee and his family, and his friend Mike and the occasional guests live at the Hacienda.  Some of the local kids exchange lessons and internet use for help around the land.  Kaylee and Mike have transformed much of the land into gardens and have wonderful plans to plant a forest garden in a pre-existing mesquite grove.  The hacienda is beautiful and has the potential to become something wonderful like a self-sustaining community with a school.  I am really excited about working on the land and seeing how things unfold.

the interior hall

the interior courtyard with food gardens


Wouldn’t that make a cool swimming hole!

a fenced in garden

Kaylee and Mike told me las ardillas (squirells) eat all the crops except onions and root vegetables so they had to fence in the garden.  Ardillas are in reality an excellent and tasty food source commonly eaten by native peoples up until more recent times.  We were trying to figure out the most humane and quick way to trap and kill a squirrel for food.  We did not decided on the best method, suggestions welcome.

this old water trough now acts as a compost bin

Mike in front of the main building

the mesquite grove we will transform with water harvesting earthworks and perennial planting

Mike and Keli are taking lessons with an older mexican man named Jaime on permaculture, native foods and land restoration in that area of Mexico.  They invited me to join, so hopefully I will be going with them this Thursday.

Walking around this property was magical.  The Hacienda was built 300 years ago!  I was envisioning all the green vegetated areas being brought back to like by the spring rains and further planting.  They are going to have a harvest festival in the next few months where work all work together during the day and then celebrate all night.


One response to “Ex Hacienda de La Pataca

  1. The best way to kill a squirrel without them having to suffer is a clean head shot with a 22 and if this is not a option you could try a bow and arrow or a sling shot.I know the sling shot might sound crazy but with just a bit of practice you will be able to make clean quick kills and of the three options it is the cheapest way to go.I do not use traps or snares because you have no control over what you catch and they do not always work right and there is nothing worse the having to deal with a animal that has been caught in a trap but is still alive.Good luck and the locals are right about squirrel being good to eat. C.P.B.

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