the cob tub continued

I decided that it would be nice to make short videos of the work I am doing as well as take photos and write descriptions, to keep things interesting for the viewers and my self.  Somethings are hard to explain through words or see in pictures but are clearly displayed in a video.

My friends Ryan and Chris are coming later today and then Barbara will be gone for a whole week.  Me and the other interns are planning on doing some field trips that include going to Bisbee to visit a woman who attended a cob workshop at Bean Tree Farm.  She has built an earthbag dome on her property and has a bunch of other interesting things going on.  We are also going to visit Barbaras friend Jill, who built both the strawbale home and cob cottage on her property.  We are also going to the University of Arizona campus to pass out flyers for workshops and pick the citrus that goes unharvested all over the campus.  Here a video of some work we did yesterday.


One response to “the cob tub continued

  1. gettin freaky with it! nice style, you are so in your element thalia!

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