the bunyip

Barbara is going to Portland for next week so today we figured out what we are going to work on while she is gone.  We also learned how to use a bunyip, which is a homemade water level, to find slope and contour lines on a site.

contour and slope lines

Barbara was shocked that I had never encountered this tool in my previous permaculture studies.  After seeing how it is used I understood why because it is such an important instrument for all aspects of permaculture design, especially building structures and harvesting water.  Here is a video that explains a type of water harvesting, feel free to just watch the beginning.

Barbara made and used this bunyip to design and build her entire site.   She said it cost about $5.00 to make!

the bunyip

The difference in the level of water in the tube indicates the slope of the land, in this case it is measured in inches.  When finding a contour line the water must be at the same level in both tubes.

Barbara and I measuring the slope

measuring the contour line



me and the bunyip

For the week Barbara is gone we will mostly be doing cob work.  We are building a protective wall around the orno and hopefully finishing the cob tub.  The other intern is arriving this evening, and then some of my friends from Massachusetts will be stopping through so the rest of the week should be lots of fun.


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  1. ah so cute… you guys are matching!

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