humanure and the cob workshop

I have been reading The Humanure Handbook by Joe Jenkins, which is an extremely comprehensive and extensive guide to composting human manure.  It is available to read online at

Or visit Joe Jenkins website at

If composted correctly humanure can transform into nutrient rich humus that can be safely used to grow food.  Unfortunately what we flush down the toilet ends up in sewage treatment plants and eventually pollutes our waterways.  Here is an alarming video about sewage treatment plants and waste water in Tucson.  Towards the end of the movie my teacher Barbara talks about composting humanure.  Please watch it!

Here is a diagram from Joe Jenkins book that provides a good example of the value and importance of composting humanure

I would highly recommend reading the Humanure Handbook, or at least parts of it.  It gives remarkable insight and is very thought provoking, as well as being a comprehensive guide to composting you own manure.

Here are some photos of the cob workshop on Saturday and a few others

Jill teaching how to mix cob

Lincoln building up the wall around the orno

prickly pear lemonade

We made this with prickly pear juice from prickly pear cactus that Barbara harvested, lemons from a friends tree, and kombucha that Barbara made.

prickly pear fruit

Tomorrow Michela and I are going to continue cobbing the tub and await the arrival of a third intern.


One response to “humanure and the cob workshop

  1. I think the waste treatment plants are a real problem globally. And, I am sure that humanure is a great idea. But what happens in very cold climates like western MA, and how does one do this if their are an older lady? I think I best go back to the Humanure Guide. The postings look great and I loved the photos from the Cobb Workshop.

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