mellow monday

Today was a relaxed day. I collected more barrel cactus fruit and did some reading. The desert climate is really harsh. You can’t really walk anywhere without getting spines or glochids in you, and you most definitely can’t sit on the ground. My skin is so dry that it hurts when stretch. When you walk through the desert you constantly see dead and fallen cactus. It is quite phenomenal to see because it takes them hundreds of years to reach that point. Their death and decay is also a slow process and you can find cacti in all stages of it. The skeleton of the saguaro is made of a wood-like material and very interesting looking. Here are some pictures of cacti I saw today when I was collecting fruit.

saguaro skeleton

a deformed barrel cactus

hedgehog cactus


Tomorrow another intern arrives, so I am looking forward to that. We are going to be doing a lot of earth building together so I will be posting those projects in the near future.

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